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The AD writes more often about psychedelics as a therapeutic tool and now about trip therapy. The thrusts of the articles vary and we note a few here.

  • 'Truffle as popular as banned magic mushroom '
  • 'The magic mushroom is not an immediate public health hazard'
  • Mdma, ketamine and ayahuasca as medical drugs? 'If you believe in it, it works'
  • Mushrooms for breakfast for a better mood

Trip therapy: not two years with therapist but one good trip for mental breakthrough

The best title, of course, is about and that's the headline above. How great is it when a client writes about us in the AD whose headline suggests that the session we did with her was so strong that it was 2 years of therapy in 1 day? On that particular day, I didn't know at all that Suus Ruis was a writer (Journalist/author of all kinds of books/professional essay-writer/rent-writer/sharpest pencil in the box in her own words). So this individual truffle session at home was primarily intended to treat anxiety and dejection.

Article highlights

Some highlights of the article to get an idea of what it is about:

After a troubled childhood fraught with trauma and loss, journalist Suus Ruis (47) struggles with anxiety and dejection. Having no desire for lengthy psychotherapy, she decides to go for psychedelics, the active substance in truffles and magic mushrooms. "And I'm still fiercely anti-drug.

Long story short: my feelings of anxiety did not lessen over time, and when I was about 22 years old, a leaden and pitch-black depression knocked me down. Intensive psychotherapy and medication helped me recover, but it has always remained a focus of attention.

Throughout the trip the same image looms large: me as a little girl on a boat, sailing on a dark, raging sea. Well, sailing... holding on to a mast with white knuckles and hoping the gigantic waves don't swallow me up. The moment the psilocybin slowly begins to wear off, I realize that those waves are so high and ferocious and uncontrollable because I make them so. I have come to see life as an untamable, threatening sea. Just waiting for that boat to capsize.

To be fair: they haven't gone away yet. But I notice that situations that normally scare the crap out of me - a confrontational phone call with a client, for example - suddenly affect me much less. As if a soft blanket has been put over the stone in my stomach. And when fear does arise, it disappears much more quickly.

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Trip therapy: not two years with therapist but one good trip for mental breakthrough (

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Trip therapy: AD: Trip therapy 2 years of therapy in one truffle session