What is psilocybin therapy?

Psilocybin therapy is a form of therapy in which patients use psychedelic substances such as mushrooms or magic truffles, which contain psilocybin. In the Netherlands, magic truffles are legally permitted for personal use and therefore various forms of psilocybin therapy are offered here. These therapies are not yet reimbursed by health insurers, but there is growing interest in the potential of psilocybin as an effective treatment for depression, anxiety disorders, and addiction, among other things.

How does psilocybin therapy work?

The registration process begins with a screening to determine if the patient is suitable for the therapy. This includes evaluating the patient's medical history and discussing any medications being used. The session itself with psilocybin is supervised by a trained therapist and takes place in a quiet environment.

During the session, the patient is administered a dose of psilocybin in the form of truffles and the therapist guides them in exploring their feelings and experiences. After the session, the integration phase starts, where the patient discusses the experiences of the session and learns how they can be integrated into daily life. The goal of psilocybin therapy is to help the patient understand and accept their problems, making them better able to cope with them.

What are the benefits of a psilocybin session?

Using psilocybin in a therapeutic context can have several effects, including positive effects proven by scientific research. Here are the top 3 positive effects of psilocybin:

1. Reduction of depression and anxiety: Studies have shown that psilocybin can help reduce depressive symptoms and anxiety. This is due to the altered state of consciousness caused by the substance, which allows people to look at their problems differently and potentially opens up new perspectives.

2. Improving mood and general well-being: Psilocybin can also lead to positive moods and a sense of general well-being. This effect can last for weeks or even months after ingesting the substance.

3. Changes in perception and consciousness: Psilocybin can cause a change in perception and can potentially help resolve mental blocks and create new creative ideas. This can be especially helpful for people who are stuck in certain patterns or ways of thinking that are holding them back.

Psilocybin therapy session

Psilocybin is not suitable for everyone

Psilocybin can be dangerous for people taking certain antidepressants due to the risk of developing serotonin syndrome, a serious condition that can lead to convulsions, coma or even death. It is also not recommended for people with a history of psychotic episodes or schizophrenia, as it may worsen or reactivate symptoms. Good screening is therefore important!

Is psilocybin therapy legal in the Netherlands?

In the Netherlands, psilocybin therapy is only legal when given as truffles. However, it is not legally a medical treatment. As a result, health insurers do not yet reimburse it in 2024, while psilocybin therapy in the Netherlands has a lot of potential! For the time being, you can go to various commercial parties in the Netherlands for a psilocybin session. A party with experienced guidance and therapists on staff can be found via the button below.