Can it be a little less?

The strongest healing power of people as individuals is sometimes not seeing ourselves as an isolated individual. We can explain how this works by explaining what happens when the ego is too strong and there is too much separation and loneliness. It becomes, as it were, a battle between the ego and the rest of the world. The separation between the ego and the other creates thought patterns that undermine physical and mental health, often in combination with an addiction. Many of what we think are 'thinking diseases' such as anxiety disorders and depression are caused by negative thinking patterns that increase cortisol and thus delay body repair, causing inflammation. These inflammations cause a lower activity of, for example, the serotonergic system, which has the effect of creating more fear and gloom and thus a new wave of negative thinking. Do you see a repeating pattern emerging here in which thinking is an important link? Could less ego and less negative thinking play a role? We think so and especially if it is combined with a healthy lifestyle!

Less ego is more health?

Shots of Awe

Being in the here and now is a good thing to put the ego on the back burner. At the wow moments in your life you are busy experiencing the moment. It is precisely these things that grab your full attention that pull you out of your thinking patterns. In this blog use videos of Shots of Awe by Jason Silva because these show many parallels with the psychedelic state, the meditative state and therefore also when the ego is not or less active.

The ego death?

A total ego death is seen in many cultures as the way of salvation. In order to be reborn, ego death may be a necessary thing. These transitions require a high degree of surrender. It is a process that is exciting at first and later liberating. Wanting to let go is an important aspect of this transformation.

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The mystical psychedelic experience

The psychedelic sessions with a medium to heroic dose are often described as a mystical experience. Such an experience can often reset the negative and rigid thought patterns, allowing the body's self-healing ability to run its course again. Making healthier choices with less stress is the most powerful outcome of such an experience.

To be reborn in 2021

This blog is written for the participants of the truffle ceremony of January 9. Losing the ego, resetting the mind and then being reborn is what we aim for. If you read this blog, I want to ask you if it can be a little less? And in particular the ego that gets in the way of ourselves and nature. And may you experience more connection, love and gratitude for the here and now. This way everyone can give themselves a new start with a healthy balance between satisfaction and progress.

Can we help?

Health always starts with a healthy dose of ego. If you are healthy as an individual, you will also be better for the external. A healthier world always starts with ourselves. Do you want to discover together with us what a healthy balance is for you? Use the following links for more information.

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If you find the ego an interesting subject, we also recommend that you read up on what the Default Mode Network does in our brain.

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This post on MDMA therapy was taken from trip therapy

Trip therapy: Less ego for a healthy 2021!