Silent in me podcast

In the Stil in mij podcast, radio makers Bas Menting and Mart Meijer go in search of peace of mind. Together with Quest Psychologie, they investigate how far you have to go to stop your thoughts, and whether that is possible at all. They do this by means of twelve experiments. Everything for the answer to that one question: can you think of nothing?

Several episodes about not thinking

Bas Menting and Mart Meijer really pull out all the stops to not think for a while. Skydiving, temperature extremes, silence rooms, sex and more. Listen to the intro to the podcast here:

Quiet in me with magic truffles

During episode four, Mart is going to see if he can get out of his head for a while with the help of magic truffles. Mart found us on his quest and apparently I, Marcel, was the only one who dared the adventure with cameras and recording equipment. So on the day of the session we were setting a goal for the session. We called the goal of this session the "beyond thinking.

In the end, Mart took a medium dose during this session. As a result, he experienced quite a few effects. Are you curious about the session and want to hear some parts of the session? Listen below.

This post on MDMA therapy was taken from trip therapy

Trip therapy: Silent in me podcast with Marcel - beyond thinking