Increased focus on psychedelic therapy

In recent years, attention to psychedelics as an auxiliary during therapy has grown. The growth in the number of scientific studies shows how much confidence there is in psychedelics and especially psilocybin from magic mushrooms and magic truffles. How long it will take the regular mental health services to start working with psychedelics depends on the speed of the scientific research. We wrote about these topics before and our posts can be read via these hyperlinks:

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Studies on psilocybin therapy

News outlets that write about psychedelics

More and more news stories are appearing about psilocybin therapy or sessions with other types of psychedelics. A simple search term such as psilocybin therapy today returns about 307,000 results and this what about 8 years ago when we started lifestyle coaching in combination with psilocybin truffles a lot less.

So attention to psilocybin therapy is growing steadily and we are frequently approached by Podcast makers, TV products, Youtube programs, magazines and other media outlets. The most recent is Reporters Online and it writes about trip therapy, among other things:

Completely gone is psychedelic therapy never was. Therapy is still offered in the alternative circuit. At Psychedelic Therapy Netherlands, for example, which offers therapy through  various types of therapy based on a trip drug such as psilocybin (in truffles) or LSD. Initiator Marcel van der Putten worked in sports and nutrition and started Triptherapy based on the idea that a healthy body performs best when the mind is also healthy.

His approach is serious and thorough. Marcel: "Therapy begins with preparation. Clients are given an extensive intake and neurotransmitter test based on questions about their state of mind. For example, if someone suffers from headaches, difficulty concentrating and fretting, this may indicate a low dose of the neurotransmitter gaba (gamma-aminobutyric acid). People with gaba deficiency can be anxious, and we take that into extra consideration.'

'The majority of our clients suffer from depression. In addition to trip therapy, which consists of one or more psychedelic sessions at intervals of several weeks, we also give advice on nutrition, exercise and supplements. We see psychedelic therapy as a holistic approach in which we treat the body and mind as one.'

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The future of psilocybin therapy

After the final stages of the scientific studies on psilocybin are concluded positively, we cannot ignore the fact that psilocybin should be taken off the status of hard drugs (opium law list 1). A possible new classification may be that it is labeled as a drug and that means regulation. The use of the pure substance psilocybin would then be reserved for probably psychiatrists and the regular mental health services. The advantage of this is that health insurance companies will reimburse it. A disadvantage may be that if only regular care can apply it that it becomes too clinical and the effect may diminish. Right now psilocybin is not prescribed but taken voluntarily through the belief that it works. That small piece of placebo effect may evaporate by prescription through mainstream care. Let's hope that psilocybin will come under the medications and magic truffles will remain legal for the alternative approach. That way everyone can make a choice that they are comfortable with and that can help with the outcome.

Psilocybin therapy with magic truffles

Psilocybin therapy can now take place legally by using magic truffles containing psilocybin as a component of the truffle. This is convenient for individuals who cannot or do not want to wait for the slow progress of scientific research. We offer psychedelic sessions in conjunction with overall health advice based on an intake. Are you ready to give a psychedelic session a shot?

This post on MDMA therapy was taken from trip therapy

Trip therapy: The future of psychedelic therapy