Truffle ceremony and heart power

Next Saturday (August 28, 2021) we will be hosting a truffle ceremony with the theme of heart power. This blog is to give our participants additional tips so that the theme of heart power is better reflected during the ceremony. More info about the ceremony through the following link:

Truffle ceremony 28-8 heart power


La cour means the heart in French. Courage part the word cour and means courageous. Showing yourself and your heart takes courage, but only when that learns can you truly be yourself. A great video about courage and being who you are is "Brené Brown: The Call to Courage." You can watch this video on Netflix at this link:

Brené Brown: The Call to Courage

And a Brené Brown bonus episode is the Ted Talk below. It is also the best-watched Ted Talk ever. Feel free to watch more episodes of Brene Brown as her lyrics resonate.

Wisdom from the heart

The heart is referred to by many as and center of the emotions. So it does more than just act as a blood pump. A lot of feelings and emotions are sent to the body by the subconscious brain before we become conscious of them. So your body knows what the automatic processes in your subconscious are going to mean before your conscious knows about them. This wisdom is based on centuries of evolution and some learned patterns during your lifetime. Sometimes we just have to trust the compass that is in our heart.

The truffle ceremony

During this truffle ceremony we go for putting thinking on the back burner, allowing the subconscious to do its thing. Emotions that run through the body and the heart are allowed to run free so that trauma can find its way out. We also allow the heart to be the guide of the ceremony and we are going to use the wisdom of the heart to navigate more in daily life on who we are deep inside.

Reading Tip

We have the book "The Power Of the Heart" at the Psychedelic Loft in Schiedam. Feel free to take a look at this book after the ceremony and decide if you want to read it yourself. If you already want to start with this book you can order the book at the well-known bookstores.

This post on MDMA therapy was taken from trip therapy

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