MDMA therapy for PTSD

The unique properties of MDMA make it an effective treatment method for PTSD patients. It is mainly used during MDMA therapy to suppress anxiety so that talking and exposure therapy work better than in a fasting state.

Scientific research has shown that the effects of MDMA can last long term and that it has few side effects. It can also help patients process trauma and improve their quality of life.

How many MDMA sessions are needed

In studies of MDMA as a treatment for PTSD, three MDMA sessions were given. These sessions were designed to reduce symptoms of PTSD and have a positive impact on emotional health. About 70% of these participants were no longer PTSD patients after just three sessions. In a recent study, only 12% of participants did not respond to the MDMA treatment.

From our own experience we can say that most people need 1, 2 or 3 sessions for a breakthrough. Only a small majority do more than three MDMA sessions.

MDMA therapy with 3 sessions

Is it three MDMA sessions?

A protocol must always be used in scientific research. Most studies into the effectiveness of MDMA for PTSD use three sessions. In these studies, one or two sessions may have been enough for most participants, but due to the need for the strict protocol, these people were given bonus sessions. We maintain that most people can get by with one, two or three sessions and that you get better after each one MDMA session can see if the next one is useful.

Where can I do MDMA therapy?

The only country that has already recognized MDMA therapy as a medical treatment is Australia. In the Netherlands you can only undergo MDMA sessions if you use legal analogues. These are substances with a comparable effect and results compared to the studies. Read more about these topics via the buttons.