Possibilities of MDMA therapy in Germany

MDMA is an illegal substance in Germany and it has been illegal to produce, sell or use MDMA in Germany since 1986. This ban was imposed due to incidents involving MDMA or XTC during recreational use. The irresponsible use of MDMA can lead to serious complications when it is combined with various other drugs or medicines. In addition, MDMA can have an addictive effect, which can negatively impact the health and well-being of the user. For these reasons, MDMA is illegal in Germany and is controlled by authorities to ensure that it is not produced, traded or used in Germany.

How dangerous is medicinal MDMA?

Medical use of MDMA is generally less dangerous than recreational use for several reasons. First, medicinal MDMA is used in its pure form and under controlled conditions. Additionally, medicinal dosages are typically kept lower than recreational doses, reducing the risk of overdose and other complications. Before medical use is approved, patients are also screened through an intake to determine whether they are suitable for an MDMA session. Furthermore, a therapeutic session also offers protection against heating and the setting is much safer.

MDMA session

Legal MDMA therapy for Germans

Due to legislation in Germany, it is currently not possible to organize a legal MDMA on German territory. There is already a solution for Germans who do not want or cannot wait for legalization. In the Netherlands we are allowed to work with MDMA analogues and that is why it is possible to do an MDMA session just across the border in the Netherlands. We even have an employee whose native language is German. So you can just do one MDMA session in German doing! Read more about our German colleague via the button below.

How it works

To do an MDMA session you must come to the Netherlands. We usually recommend renting an Airbnb or holiday home near the trip therapist of choice. In Nathalie's case, this will be in the province of Limburg and closest to Roermond. Your supervisor will make a home visit at the agreed time. A big advantage is that you can stay and spend the night after the session, which can provide rest during the session. However, before the MDMA session can take place, we do use our protocol. This includes completing the intake, assessing safety, preparatory advice, introductory meeting, MDMA session and follow-up. Also read the page about MDMA therapy for more information or complete the intake immediately to see whether a session can take place safely.

When will MDMA therapy be legal in Germany?

Unfortunately, it is difficult to estimate when MDMA therapy will become legal in Germany. Research is currently underway into the effectiveness of MDMA-assisted therapy in treating PTSD, with promising results so far. However, more research needs to be done before the therapy can be widely accepted and legalized in Germany. In addition, the legal and regulatory systems in Germany need to be adapted to support and regulate such therapy. It may take years before MDMA-assisted therapy becomes legal in Germany. But if we can estimate the year, we think it will be the year 2027 or 2028.

Contraindications for MDMA therapy

Would you like to make your own assessment of whether you can do an MDMA session? We have included a list of contraindications on the page about MDMA sessions. Use the button to open the page.