The stigma surrounding psychedelic drugs

The word drugs makes most people think of abusing and degrading types of drugs. Once you start researching what the different types of drugs do, you may find out that the drugs that fall under psychedelics or entheogens have traditionally been used as medicines or as rites of passage. Currently in the Netherlands we are not allowed to use the claim medicine for the various psychedelics due to legislation despite the word drugs in English can refer to street drugs and medicines. However, much medical research is being done on the therapeutic effects of psychedelics where the results are hopeful. It is high time to break the stigma around (psychedelic) drugs so that we can use them responsibly with people who can benefit from them. To break the worldwide stigma we are part of Thank You Plant Medicine and I was recently interviewed by High Humans. read below the confession following the interview.

The Confession

I was already 28 when I tried truffles for the first time. I had no experience with drugs before that, except for drinking alcohol. I have always been quite skeptical about using drugs, I didn't really want anything to do with them. You are taught that way by your environment and society. Drugs are quickly put away as something wrong. 

Truffles were mainly a healthier alternative to drinking alcohol for me. I was fanatically working on my health and exercising during the week, but drinking a lot of alcohol on the weekends. This did not rhyme with each other. The naturalness of the truffles really appealed to me. It was a way for me not to drink alcohol, but to do something with my thinking. It created a change in my consciousness. I was previously very focused on making a lot of money, while getting no satisfaction from my work. After I was involved in a bad car accident, my life changed completely. I decided to turn everything around and look for my happiness. I found that happiness in counseling people and psychedelics. 

I ended up starting my own company called Trip Therapy. I researched the different substances in the human brain and combined this with the possibilities of psychedelics. Trip therapy is visited mainly by people with depressive symptoms. They seek healing. I believe that psychedelics can provide this healing. 

Of course, in the beginning I faced a lot of prejudice when I talked about my work. At first my parents were very doubtful about what I was doing, but now they even enjoy reading the reviews. The unknown causes fear and misunderstanding, but eventually everyone will get used to the idea of psychedelics when they know more about them.

Source: High Humans

This post on MDMA therapy was taken from trip therapy

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