Fungi and mushrooms

Fantastic Fungi is mainly about the medicinal effects of mushrooms and other fungi. Furthermore, it is also a lot about the psilocybin containing mushrooms of which you can have a psychedelic/mystical experience. We find these two topics interesting because we too use magic mushrooms and other fungi to get people physically and mentally healthier. Watch the trailer of Fantastic Fungi here to get an idea about the different topics:

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Medicinal mushrooms

Did you watch Funtastic Fungi and want to know more about the medicinal properties of various mushrooms? We hereby give you an overview with the most well-known and interesting medicinal mushrooms.

Type Operation
Reishi Anti-inflammatory so better immune system, less depression
Lion's Mane More Nerve Grow Factor Against Alzheimer's and MS (neurodegeneration)
Turkey tail Better immune system against cancer in particular
Shittake Activates immune system against viruses via AHCC
Chaga Better immune system
He Shou Wu Via Superoxide dismutase protection against DNA aging
Psilocybe Hallucinations and BDNF for insights and connections in the brain

Neurogenesis, BDF and magic mushrooms?

If you would like to know more about how psychedelic mushrooms can cause neurons to repair and neurogenesis to occur due to BDNF, we have some interesting blogs for you here? Furthermore, you can also read about what hallucinations are and how they are caused by psychedelics.

BDNF, magic mushrooms and nutrition

Hallucinations caused by psychedelics

This post on MDMA therapy was taken from trip therapy

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