Relationship therapy with MDMA

There are several reasons why MDMA-assisted therapy can be good for couples. If you can summarize it briefly, the greatest progress comes not so much from better interaction between partners, but from the personal growth of the individual. Resolving personal trauma or poor coping strategies almost always has a positive impact on the relationship. Secondly, a duo session with MDMA can boost communication and depth of the relationship.

First an individual MDMA session

For the best results, it is recommended that both partners first do an individual psilocybin or MDMA session. This gives a higher chance of personal breakthroughs. About four weeks later, the first session, the duo session with MDMA, can take place. This MDMA-based relationship therapy builds on the personal results, but is more focused on the relationship itself.

Safety check MDMA session

The use of psychedelic substances such as MDMA is not safe for everyone. It is therefore advisable to first complete the non-binding screening so that the use of psychedelics can be checked.

With which MDMA therapist?

Choosing one MDMA therapist is important. In addition to a feeling of security, confidence in his or her expertise is also an important factor when making a choice. An overview of our therapists and the role they play during the MDMA sessions can be found via the button.

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