Looking for an MDMA therapist?

MDMA therapy has been in the spotlight of various media such as Netflix since 2022. Suddenly, psychologists and psychiatrists do want something to do with MDMA as a therapeutic tool. That was different in 2018 and we often get wind of the healing effects of psychedelics such as psilocybin, MDMA and LSD. Now 5 years later a problem arises, many people with symptoms such as PTSD and trauma have taken up the news that an MDMA session could do a lot. However, there are not many good MDMA therapists because the mental health system has been too reluctant. Training to become an MDMA psychotherapist has only recently begun. So where can you find the right therapy for an MDMA session?

Triptherapie.co.uk has the expertise

Trip Therapy employs a number of individuals with extensive experience with psychedelic sessions. Altogether the counter is already close to 2000 sessions and individual sessions and sometimes group sessions are done daily. Unfortunately, there are only two people working with MDMA (and analogs) at Trip Therapy and these two are often fully booked 1 or 2 months in advance. Still, you can see if one of these two experiencers can help you through the following links:

MDMA therapy | Supervisor Marcel | Supervisor Linda

By 2024, more MDMA therapists will be available

We do expect there to be more availability when it comes to MDMA psychotherapists starting in 2024 because more and more therapists will complete the training. Until then, it may be busy and difficult to find an available a suitable MDMA therapist for you.