What is an MDMA ceremony?

At an MDMA ceremony, participants use MDMA (analogue) while being helped by the guidance present with personal goals. These ceremonies begin with conversations and eventually transition into listening to specially selected music to get closer to the feeling. This creates an alternation of spoken portions and portions where there is no talking. So an MDMA ceremony is experienced partly as a group and partly as an individual. Individuals who attend these MDMA ceremonies are generally often dealing with trauma and PTSD and are seeking help in processing the past. The sad and loving alternation of the music and thus the feeling can help.

Prefer an individual MDMA session?

MDMA group sessions are created for individuals who see a benefit in group spirit and connection. Talking about the painful past often goes better with like-minded people nearby. One person's grief can also sometimes open doors to another person's grief. You can experience this influence as an advantage or disadvantage and it is good to check with yourself what that would be like for you. Also, in individual sessions you can demand more attention and in group ceremonies there are 2 facilitators for 4 people. What is convenient for you depends on your preference and how much attention you think you need.

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The next MDMA ceremony

Are you interested in an MDMA ceremony? Through our partner website Triptherapy, you can sign up for an MDMA ceremony. Use the link below for more information.

MDMA ceremony May 20, 2023