MDMA's positive effects on mood

Many people know MDMA from the party drug XTC, where people get into the party mood. The improvement in mood is characterized by positive feelings . The change in mood caused by MDMA is caused by the increased release and blockage of the reuptake of serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine in the brain. These neurotransmitters are involved in regulating mood, emotion, motivation, reward and stress. What feelings a person has after MDMA depends on dosage, purity, personal factors and the environment in which the drug is used. Some possible feelings are:

  • Happy tingling sensation coming in waves and an experience of a warm glow flowing through the body.
  • Energetic, bright, fit and alert.
  • Euphoria, cheerful and upbeat.
  • Perception and sounds become more intense.
  • Warm, open, in love, strong need for contact, talking, intimacy and confidentiality.

The MDMA therapy experiences

Below we have posted two experiences of MDMA therapy to show what individuals experience during MDMA sessions. MDMA therapy and using MDMA at and a party are different things after all. Still, the positive effects of MDMA are used to process certain things that you wouldn't otherwise be so quick to do at a party.

Title: MDMA session with Linda

I was suddenly curious about MDMA or mushrooms because of Netflix.

I stayed very focused and wanted to see a lot of them at first, then suddenly I thought I have so much confidence I want to do that too.

Then some searching on the Internet and I got stuck at Trip Therapy, I read everything and finally I chose MDMA together with Linda, at my home.

This was the right decision, I felt safe and when Linda came, all was well.

During the session Linda is a warm loving mother who is totally there for you and that is so important, the whole session is just love , there will also be some not so nice feelings but everything is allowed to be there in love , very nice.

This is definitely recommended and I will definitely take another trip ☺

Title: MDMA session with Marcel was top notch!

Marcel helped me very much during my session. How scared I was in the beginning! Still, Marcel's calm approach helped me to dare to do it. I still feel an oasis of peace and joy when I think back to that wonderful session. I suffer less from anxiety and feel more connected.

Thanks again and I think I will come back to you in 3 months!