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The report below was written by a participant from the past truffle ceremony For participants participating in a truffle ceremony with strangers. Despite this participant did want to share his story, we have kept the last name hidden at the participant's request. The report below is beautifully and clearly described and shows exactly why we love this work.

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Truffle ceremony Saturday, Aug. 28, 2021

At three o'clock I arrived at the loft in Schiedam. Where I was received by Marcel and Rafaëla
(the attendants of the ceremony). She showed me around the loft and then we took our seats on a
number of benches. The other two participants in the ceremony also came in and were briefly
warmly received. Marcel immediately offered us relaxing tea of blue lotus and cocoa. Under
over a cup of tea, we then talked about the upcoming ceremony and what
we could expect. Marcel asked us very specifically about our intention for the ceremony.

My intention was an extension of my spiritual journey, my working toward samadhi. In the
In recent months, leading up to this ceremony, I have been practicing yoga
intensified to twice a day, adjusted my diet and focused my self-study more on this
moment. In the week before the ceremony, I read the eighth chapter of the Bhagavad Gita, in which
Krishna indicates that all material reality is but an incarnation of His being. Just as the
Greek gods incarnated themselves in an animal or a human being, Krishna has incarnated himself in our
reality. I took this into my meditation and included it as an emphasis in this

After discussing our intentions, Marcel offered us our first cup of truffle tea. After drinking
we chatted some more and after about twenty minutes I noticed that my body calmed down and my
thinking began to float. I sat down on a mattress and focused on a painting of a
lion's head. Before I wandered further, I quickly wrote in my journal, "I want all kinds of things ... but
... I want to be above all.
When I refocused my focus on the lion, it began to undulate and there was a goddess standing over its
head danced around and invited me in and even pulled on me.
I lay down on the mattress and sank into a deep rest. Meanwhile, I stared at the ceiling
And let the peace wash over me.

After a while Marcel came up to me and offered a second cup of truffle tea. I sat down to that one
drank up the couch and after about ten minutes I felt myself sinking even further. It took me
then some effort to surrender to the trip again. I asked something of Marcel and he said:
'It's best if you just lie down now and surrender. Is that okay with you? At this I again
lay down on the mattress and for a long time, with my eyes closed, I floated away to the music, which
unfolded in colors and shapes, but especially in images and small, eternal journeys.
Several themes took on important meaning for me during this trip:


The day before the trip I had a photo shoot together with my family. Together with a photographer we were
in the woods and there we mostly had fun together, adopting different poses. The
was on that afternoon itself, beautiful to see how good we have it together. We are a family where a
lot of fun is allowed and in which individuality is important.
During the trip, I experienced the entire afternoon with my family, so to speak, from above. It was
as if I were floating above the four of us, surveying the whole thing. I was overwhelmed by a
feeling of love and happiness. Love for my children and my wife and the immense happiness that I received from my
may live life with them.


At some point in the trip it became a little more agitated around me and I got up from the mattress
on which I was lying and began to wander a bit. After a while I indicated to Rafaëla that I wanted to hide
under a blanket. She then escorted me to a bed, tucked me in under a blanket and said, "Go here
but just lie back. I sank down immediately. In my trip, I was then taken in by Mother Earth in
laid a little boat floating on a quiet river. Mother Earth sang the most beautiful songs. I
felt secured and carried in a special way.
This had special meaning for me, as I have always had a difficult relationship with my own mother
had. I struggled with that a lot in my childhood and in my adult life, as the father of a
own family. After this experience, I immediately experienced a feeling that it is good the way it is. My mother
has made her own journey, and this one is unfortunately coming to an end. I too have my own journey and may take her
letting go, without expectations, but in the infinite security of my
mother earth. This gives me the love and space to care.


I love going into nature, alone or with friends, and have lost my heart to a specific mountain and
a certain stream in Scotland. In my trip, I was standing by that stream and on that mountain. In the music, there was
at that moment a cry, which lifted me up and upon which I flew away like an eagle above the mountain
out. This all felt very natural. As if it was perfectly normal that I could fly away. The scream
did not seem to come from outside, but came from my own heart and was, as it were, the cry
of the eagle that I was. In this I experienced a tremendous power to go my own way and space
to take to find that path.


In between pieces of music there was sometimes a moment of silence. In those moments I was sucked away
of all the images and shapes and several times I was in the complete emptiness of the universe. I
Experienced a tremendous peace in that. I was aware that around me there were stars and that there were
matter was. But nothingness was good and enough.
These small, but eternal moments, I found most intense. Throughout my life, partly because of
the life I lived, but also because of my irritability and my introversion, a lot of tension
experiencing. To know that in my being there is an eternal place of infinite peace, immediately gives peace in my
body and in my thinking. I could already get to this place in my meditation, but not in a way that was
I experienced in this trip. I long to return to this place among the stars, where my consciousness
Can be, can enjoy the eternal light of the stars and where all is well. Where all the tensions,
In body and thought, being still.

Life Energy

At one point, when I heard voices in the background, I got back into my head. I
worried about others and sometimes doubted myself. I learned from this that I should be on
such moments have to give myself space and therefore take space to be, to
boundaries and requests for help clearly and to choose my self. Therein arises
life energy.

About 7:30, I sat back on a chair in the sitting area. I know it was 7:30, because I was talking to Rafaëla
Asked what time it was. 'Seven-thirty.' I nodded, thought about it for a moment and replied, 'Seven-thirty in the morning.'
morning? And in terms of time, I really had no idea whether it was evening or morning. She laughed
and it seemed good if I just retreated to a mattress for a while longer. As I sat there again, came
she sat with me and we talked about all the things that were slowly landing back in my
reminder. This helped me. After talking and laughing for a while, I lay back down on my mattress
and the lady next to me also slowly regained consciousness. Together we talked a little about what we experienced
had and about the memories that came back again. It was nice to have this way again
wake up and reinvent everything.


In the coming down I had to very consciously recall my whole life before the trip
bring. I noticed that I could immediately fill in all the thinking patterns myself and choose in them how I could do that
wanted to do. That showed me that I can do it that way every day. Daily I can change my own thinking patterns
arrange it the way I want, and thereby change my actions. As if I could dance freely in
the reality of existence.

To validate this, I have adopted Ram Dass' mantra to use for the time being: 'I am
loving awereness. I have been reciting these at many different times of my day over the past few days
and notice that this matra also rings through my head when I am in conversation with people around me, or
During my work. I enjoy that. And I hope that this helps the experiences I've had to
experience to consolidate into my daily life.
When all three of us landed again, Rafaëla offered us a salad. The first bite really tasted
delectable. Like it was the first bite of food I took in my life. I felt a great need afterward to
things to taste and enjoyed some more chocolate. After this, we danced. I found
loved dancing with others and being able to move freely. Without the restraint
that I normally experience with that. I consciously enjoyed that and took it in.

Everything then felt like I was experiencing it for the first time. The first shower felt like I was under a
waterfall stood, all food tasted more intense, the first twittering of the birds outside sounded like the
most beautiful sound I had ever heard and the first bird I saw looked like it had just been created

After being, in the peace of the universe, in touch with my consciousness, I experienced a
tremendous energy to live. After the trip, I skipped a night where I barely
fatigue from it. I tried to sleep because I thought my body and
my thinking would need that. But my thinking was mostly concerned with all the new patterns
to explore and discover. My body unloaded so much after the trip that it seemed like it had all the toxins
wanted to secrete. Both my physical and mental constitution were full of energy after the trip. The first
yoga series I practiced after the trip, I was more limber and energetic than I was before the trip. It seems
Whether the connections in my body released certain tensions. Also in dealing with the
people around me I notice a tremendous change. The mantra "I am loving awereness" keeps going through
my head during conversations, I am more open and notice that I experience great love and joy in
the contacts I have.

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