What is a truffle ceremony?

During a truffle ceremony, magic truffles are consumed while music is played. The attendants of the truffle ceremony can assist you while making sure everything goes according to plan. So most ceremonies involve music but you can also expect other things aromatherapy, artwork, geometric art and proper preparation based on health and your own goals.

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Cost of truffle ceremony

Most providers are in a price range of between 100 and 5000 euros. The truffle ceremonies of 100 euros are often offered by new providers with little experience and/or the groups are very large. The sessions over 500 Euros are often individual ceremonies and in the price range 1000 Euros or higher you end up with institutes with relatively expensive staff. Do you want good value for money? Then go for individual ceremonies of between 300 and 1000 euros or for group ceremonies with 1 attendant per 3 people (reasonable guideline price 250-500 euros p.p.).

Group size of truffle ceremony

How large the group is of a truffle ceremony is different everywhere. It is also a personal preference as to what people feel comfortable with. People who prefer privacy often choose individual sessions or a small group of 3 to 4 people. There is also a large group of people who find it okay to have a larger group of about 6-8 people. And a small portion of participants like massive group ceremonies. What would you yourself be comfortable with?

Personalized attention to the truffle ceremony

The individual sessions and truffle ceremonies for groups are often better experienced when there is personal attention. As you prepare for your truffle ceremony, some providers give you customized advice. You may then receive nutrition tips, supplements, reading suggestions and viewing suggestions based on your information. This allows you to get more out of the truffle ceremony.

Truffle ceremony at trip therapy

The truffle ceremonies at trip therapy are up to 6 people and 2 counselors with a lot of experience. Most truffle ceremonies are individual sessions, but once a month you can also go there for an open group truffle ceremony. These cost around 300 euros p.p. and include personal preparation, food, drinks, lodging and psychedelics. More information via the links below:

Open group truffle ceremony

Individual truffle session as therapy