Legalize, regulate or enforce a complete ban?

National politics has not yet made up its mind, and political parties in Amsterdam are now debating whether MDMA should be regulated. Regulation could make for safer use, but opponents say it could also increase use as a result. The potential harm per person becomes smaller but absolute numbers may be higher. Watch the discussion on MDMA below.

Medicinal MDMA

Because of the many positive research results using MDMA as a therapeutic tool, several countries will move toward regulation. We expect the United States of America to classify MDMA as a medication, making it available by prescription only. The Netherlands will probably follow suit later to MDMA assisted trauma/PTSD treatments. allow.

Current legislation surrounding MDMA

Currently, MDMA is still illegal. If you are curious about how soon MDMA will be legalized, the following page can provide more information.

MDMA and legislation