Brief messages after the truffle ceremony

How wonderful the last 4 psychedelic sessions have been with beautiful work. It is very beautiful to be able to help people and even more beautiful when I can get people out of the pit by doing a beautiful individual truffle ceremony/session with them. Gratitude, happiness and connection is then really central and works both ways. Below some reactions I can share with you without compressing the identities of the clients.

Against depression and lack of meaning:

Against anxiety and depression:

Against low self-esteem and depression:

Why would you want to do a truffle session?

In the above individuals, depression was the shared factor. Therefore, depression is the most common complaint we treat and the success rate is highest with depression compared to other complaints/conditions. Still, we can tailor the truffle session to treat other complaints and disorders as well. Addictions, anxiety complaints, burnout, low self-esteem and psychosomatic complaints are most common in addition to treating depression.

Would you also like to be helped by us? With trip therapy, it starts with the intake and based on the information filled in, we first see if you can safely undergo a session. With a green light, you can book a session through the information we send you. After you have then booked a date we give you additional personal advice on the previously completed intake. With this extra advice we improve your neurochemistry so you can notice improvements before the session. Also, a better balance in neurochemistry ensures a better psychedelic session and thus a better outcome. Furthermore, before your session you will receive more information in the form of books/videos/assignments that can then influence your trip.

You can fill out the intake at this link:

Intake trip therapy

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Trip therapy: reactions after a truffle ceremony