Legislation on MDMA therapy in the Netherlands

MDMA is on List 1 of the Dutch opium law and is considered a hard drug. This would mean that it is more harmful to health than the soft drugs on List 2. Because of this classification, MDMA is illegal to possess. Because of this legislation, which we believe does not fully reflect scientific truth, it is therefore difficult to legally use the therapeutic benefits of MDMA therapy. Nevertheless, MDMA sessions can be done with a legal alternative through a legal construction.

Scientific studies on MDMA therapy

As many as 112 scientific studies on the effects of MDMA treatment for PTSD, trauma and anxiety are now ongoing. Of course, this is not without reason since the previous studies showed great results.

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Prognosis MDMA therapy in the Netherlands

It is expected because of the many positively completed studies on MDMA and psilocybin that by 2025 psilocybin therapy is going to become legal again, and shortly thereafter, MDMA therapy. Our estimate regarding legalization for MDMA sessions is now 2026. This is an educated guess so don't hold us to it!

MDMA alternatives

Here in the Netherlands, we can legally offer psilocybin therapy by not using the pure substance psilocybin, but rather the psilocybin-containing magic truffles. Psilocybin and MDMA do differ in effects where MDMA mainly alters mood and openness, psilocybin also gives hallucinations. These additional hallucinations can be used or judged as both a disadvantage and a benefit.

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However, do you want a session that looks as much like an MDMA session as possible? Since 2023, however, we can help you if you don't want to possess MDMA yourself. We are working with a related substance to MDMA as of January 2023 that is legal and works even better too. Curious? Read on via the link below.

MDMA session with legal analogue