Risk video series

At Slam FM, a series of videos are produced to expose the risks of certain things. For the broadcast "Truffles at Work," Slam hired us to prepare Max for an unusual day at work. In his experience, he will be microdosing with truffles while he later gets to give a presentation to Slam FM's management. What Max does not know is that he is not getting microdosed but at least 3 times more than a microdose. We took this approach to mimic the risk of overdosing or overdosing on psychedelics.

The video of Max on the truffles at Slam FM

The video turned out to be a fun production, but it's not so much about microdosing so. Watch the video below.

Support from trip therapy

With the real microdosing kickstarters, we do give you a microdose on the first day. From this you won't hallucinate and you might just see some visual changes like more color. The sweet spot is just below the visual changes and we try to calculate that together on the first day. Based on the intake we then also make a plan of action. Are you curious what the microdose kickstarter entails? Then read more via the following link:

Microdosing via trip therapy

Still a higher dosage?

Dare to dose higher? Then check out the different triplevels and effects via the following link.

Triplevels psychedelic sessions

This post on MDMA therapy was taken from trip therapy

Trip therapy: Magic truffles at work on Slam FM