The benefits of MDMA therapy in autism

The main effect of MDMA on 99% of people is the very positive mood and lowering of anxiety and self-protection. This gives the following benefits during the MDMA session in persons with autism:

More openness

From a sense of security, social cues that were previously perceived as threatening become neutral. Because of the reduced degree of social avoidance behavior, more room for connection is created.

Less self-awareness

Self-awareness is lowered so the idea of being too present for others fades. From less self-awareness and less need to come across well, more peace and connection is created.

Positive mindset

The lowered anxiety and positive state of mind allows memories to be retrieved better without being too painful. This allows for better processing of traumatic experiences.

Higher EQ

The emotional experience on MDMA allows for a greater understanding of one's own emotions and those of others. Some individuals with autism report being better at recognizing emotions in others.

The aftereffects

The improved mood may still be present a few days after the session. This is also called the 'afterglow'. During this state, conversations with friends and family can aid in the therapeutic process.

MDMA relationship

Legal MDMA session

Trip Therapy offers legal MDMA sessions in the Netherlands with a legal MDMA variant. These MDMA sessions are primarily used for PTSD, trauma, low self-esteem and social anxiety. If you are interested in undergoing an MDMA session as therapy, you can begin by filling out the intake on the Trip Therapy website. After reviewing the intake, they will let you know if you can safely do a session with MDMA and how to book a session.

After making a reservation, personalized advice follows based on the intake. Personalized advice is given to improve neurochemistry with supplements and nutrition. Furthermore, they give you some homework to better utilize the positive effects of a MDMA session. The time between registration and the session is usually 2-4 weeks to allow for the best possible preparation.

On the day of your appointment you will be accompanied by the trip leader of your choice. Immediately after and days after the session they discuss how the experience and insights can help. Trip therapy also offers group sessions where you embark on an adventure with up to five other participants and two supervisors (one male and one female).

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