The deeper states of meditation and the psychedelic journeys are often compared. There are many similarities, but there are also differences. When used wisely, both can do much good for the mind and body.

Psychedelics as a meditation tool

While meditation releases the body's own psychedelics (probably DMT) in the brain, psychedelics ensure that you reach the meditative state at a deeper level than an average person can reach with meditation. You could therefore label psychedelics as an exogenously administered meditation state.

Combining meditation with psychedelics

Psychedelics and meditation go well together. Some meditate on microdoses of psilocybin or LSD and others meditate on a regular basis and do high doses of psychedelics to reach a new level. Here at trip therapy we always recommend making healthy choices around psychedelic therapy or ceremonies. Meditation fits very well in a healthy lifestyle, especially if you eat healthy, exercise enough and sleep well. Psychedelic sessions can help you ultimately make the healthiest choices.

Start meditating now via Netflix

Even if you want to use psychedelics to change consciousness, it is advisable to meditate beforehand. To learn some techniques in a beautifully designed way, you can watch the series on Netflix Headspace: Guide to meditation.

Meditation application for Android and Apple

Do you want to meditate more often and then only with audio? Let's meditate is a good and free app for Android and Apple devices. Download this app from the following web links:

Let's Meditate for Android

Let's Meditate for Apple

Do you want guidance with your psychedelic session?

Make use of our services. We have years of experience in guiding psychedelic sessions where the main reasons are therapy, addiction treatment, spirituality, creativity or other forms of personal growth. What would be your reason? Use the following links for more information.

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