Trip therapy is looking for investors

This year we want to purchase an extra location in the Netherlands in order to expand our services. A location in nature so that the lake can be used as a retreat. These types of locations in the Netherlands usually have a high price and that is why we are now looking for investors to take psychedelic sessions, truffle ceremonies and therapy to a higher level. Do you want to invest in a growing company such as trip therapy in combination with an investment in real estate?

What do we offer?

In addition to the investment in the real estate that we want to purchase, we can also invest in the business operations and results of trip therapy. Trip therapy is in a market where a lot of growth is expected. Steps must be taken now to be ready for the future. Invest in the future now.

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Investment amount

In total we are looking for an investment amount of 2 million euros, of which 10% euros have already been completed. In order not to fragment the investments and control too much, we are looking for investors with a minimum investment of 100,000 euros (5% of the total).

Contact us

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Trip therapy: Investing in psychedelics and psychedelic therapy