What is a bad trip?

A bad trip is a psychedelic experience with or without hallucinations that is mainly experienced as scary, so that fears can persist for a long time after a trip. Prolonged suspicion and negative feelings can also be classified as a bad trip. In our opinion, a bad trip is not a psychedelic session that can be uncomfortable or anxious in the beginning and which can provide valuable information and insights afterwards.

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What causes a bad trip?

There are several factors that ensure that a trip can turn into a bad trip and these factors often have to do with the intention, expectation and location (set and setting). There are also certain psychological conditions that significantly increase the chance of a bad trip and can therefore aggravate the condition. People with the following conditions should not use psychedelics.

  • Borderline
  • Psychosis sensitivity
  • Schizophrenia
  • Severe anxiety disorders

The following conditions and solutions can provoke and remedy bad trips.

Trigger Solution
People in your environment Trusted or professional tripsitter
Music Turn off more positive music or music
Afraid of the eternal trip The knowledge that there is life after the trip
Seeing your own fears Know that it is just information
Too intense hallucinations More light in the room and take dextrose
Hyperventilation Someone who indicates breathing rhythm
Too much glutamate in the brain Increase GABA before the trip

Have a good trip

Bad trips almost never occur if there is good guidance. The presence of a professional tripsitter is often reason enough to enter the session calmly, calmly and confidently. Good preparation can also do a lot of good for the psychedelic session. One study already showed that elevated glutamate in the hippocampus could be an indicator of a bad trip. By doing a neurotransmitter test in advance and balancing the neurochemistry on that basis, the chance of a good trip increases considerably.

Do you want a good trip?

Through an intake and questionnaire, we look at how to get your neurochemistry optimal for a positive trip through supplements and nutrition. We can also give you tips to read certain books or watch videos in which we prepare the mindset for a psychedelic session in your right setting.

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Trip therapy: Bad trips