Personal depression and the state of the earth

Never before have so many people been gloomy, dejected or depressed as they are now. The Corona virus added to this last year. If you look at the state of the earth you can see that the nature of earth has been brought into crisis mainly by human actions. In this blog we try to find the connections between the many cases of depression, the state of the earth and what contentment plus connectedness can do to help people and thereby positively influence the state of the earth.

Nature is having a hard time

That the world and nature are getting tougher and tougher we as humans do not see changing anytime soon, after all, we can't see our nails growing either. We are blind to the slow effects we as a species exert on the climate and habitat. Perhaps we need a time-lapse to see what changes have. The changes over a lifetime are easy to see. A great documentary on this issue can be seen on Netflix called David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet. Beyond the things we are not doing right now, the end of the documentary is about possible solutions.

Why is economics more important than our environment?

There are a number of issues involved here. First, let's start with the following question, "You may burn 1% of all oxygen to mine bitcoin with that released energy making you the richest person on earth, would you do it?" The answer to this question is often "yes. What if we put this possibility to a million people? Do you see the parallels to what we are currently doing? All wealth currently comes directly or indirectly from nature and its consumption. The richer you are the greater share you take away from the health of the earth. The disadvantage of today's society is that individualism and personal goals/growth are rewarded. It is like a rat-race toward the destruction of the collective in order to supposedly have better chances of survival yourself. Beyond individualism, the current economic system, which works by passing on debt to future generations, ensures that we need population growth. Without population growth, the economic house of cards collapses. Our economic system is an inflationary pyramid game with population numbers. Society and the economic system has hacked people and plays on fear and dissatisfaction. There is always is better what you should need to be happy. All successful companies play into that personal reward system, of which we always need another shot of. As a result, we spiral into wanting more and more and less satisfaction. Also, wanting things creates a separation between the individual and the rest because the ego gets stronger and stronger. Each time you get a shot of dopamine when you think you have achieved a personal goal, but it will never give true happiness. We will start taking more and more for ourselves.

Connectedness and separation

That we see ourselves as something different from the rest of the universe is convenient for our code to exist, our DNA. So it is a convenient illusion and that is why it is in our DNA code. It allows us to survive as individuals. When the illusion becomes too great that we are different from the rest of it all the urge for personal gain, loneliness, fears and depression arises. It is precisely the connectedness to it all that can make our lives more beautiful, while also taking better care of the world around us. The following video provides information on what would be the difference between separation and connectedness to our environment.

Dopamine vs serotonin

Dopamine plays a role in addictions such as gambling, alcohol, coke and thus anything related to personal gain. The need for too much dopamine in a global and personal sense causes self-destruction, climate change, poverty, separation and depression. So the drive for more is dissatisfaction. True happiness is based on contentment and connectedness. Whereas the drive for lots of dopamine creates lots of negativity, serotonin creates connectedness, satisfaction and therefore happiness and a healthy living environment. We see dopamine and serotonin as two opposites, so to speak, that should be in a good balance together. However, the problem now is that the balance is going in the direction of dopamine with all its consequences. For more information, watch the differences between dopamine and serotonin in the following video.

Dopamine detox and psychedelics

To get a better ratio of dopamine to serotonin, we sometimes combine a dopamine detox with a psychedelic session. For this kind of session we use psilocybin containing truffles because psilocybin is converted to psilocin after ingestion and therefore most similar to serotonin of the psychedelics. The dopamine detox in preparation already ensures a lesser dependence on dopamine and the psychedelic session allows one to see what it feels like to experience increased serotonin receptor stimulation. Such a psychedelic session can let you experience what it is like to be connected to everything, what satisfaction and happiness means and can lower dependence on dopamine. In addition to these effects, many other positive effects play a role. If you are interested in the positive effects of psychedelic sessions you can also read the following blogs.

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Why we do this work

A healthier environment begins with the individuals. We believe that if we cure the individuals to the urge of fake happiness and thereby self-destruction that we can also prevent the destruction of the planet. We do this for you, but also for ourselves and the next generations. If we can occasionally be content and happy with what we have and not look too much at what we lack to make us complete, we are already complete. Let's be good to ourselves and sometimes recognize that someone else, the planet and the universe is also ourselves. Let's stop thinking that you can find happiness anywhere. So if you are looking for happiness in the external you are not. Let's all open our eyes and regain the power that happiness comes from within.

Do you also want different insights?

Do you also want to get rid of some persistent illusions and mindsets imposed by your past circumstances? Psychedelic sessions combined with proper preparation can help you do just that. Such a psychedelic session is not suitable for everyone, but for most of the population it would be good to go on a psychedelic journey inward once. In trip therapy, we pay extra attention to physical and psychological health during preparation. Do you choose trip therapy? Then start with the intake so we can advise you.

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Trip therapy: Satisfaction and connectedness against global depression