Truffle group ceremony

For the upcoming truffle ceremony for open groups this Saturday we have chosen the theme 'reset'. The reset theme fits well with psychedelics and in this blog we describe why we chose this theme and what can be done in preparation to make the theme have a stronger effect during the truffle ceremony.

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Psychedelics and reset

Through the following videos, we would like to show that psychedelics, including psilocybin, can reset and change patterns.

How can psilocybin help you reset?

In addition to the physical changes in the brain during a psilocybin session or truffle ceremony, you can also prepare yourself for the reset. It is good to investigate what you want to reset and what you want to achieve with it. Changing behavior and replacing old patterns works much better if you investigate in advance what new patterns you want to learn. This reduces the chance that you will fall back into the old pattern. So always ask yourself who you want to be after such a truffle ceremony and what you want to achieve in life. Always use positive wording for this.

Think about your health as well

An important topic in any reset is health. With each reset, also consider what you can do for your health since a healthy body makes for a stronger reset and decisiveness to take on new things. Rest, exercise, nutrition, meditation, social interaction and all other healthy pursuits will help you further support yourself in your goals and make you increasingly decisive. Let's use the reset to become stronger both physically and mentally to bring out the true potential of life.

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