A different perspective thanks to psychedelic therapy

Imagine through a psychedelic truffle, LSD or through ayahuasca entering a state of being where everything you thought you knew for sure comes crashing down. That sounds very exciting, and at first it can be. Losing reality then means that you also get rid of stuck old ideas that even work against you. In addition to this effect, a sense of unity, connection, gratitude and love can arise. Gradually you return to your thoughts and think of the one who did something to you with just a milder ego. You are a victim of this perpetrator and yet you feel love while you have the thought. At first you don't want it because that perpetrator is obviously a pure bad person. Or is he? It sounds crazy but some victims feel the pain that perpetrator did to themselves and sometimes learn to understand that the person is a victim too. Empathy comes first and forgiveness sometimes comes later. In fact, forgiveness is a self-forgiveness, after all, we forgive ourselves also for having been in a certain situation.

Anger disappears in understanding behavior

When victims are no longer angry because they understand why things happen they lower the body's stress hormones. This is often grounds for physical and psychological recovery. Understanding, forgiving and not forgetting is often the best choice for self-preservation (down to the cellular level). During psychedelic therapy you can work purposefully on your issues and goals.

Why is it that psychedelics help in this process?

Most psychedelics such as MDMA, magic mushrooms, ayahuasca and LSD increase the stimulation of serotonergic receptors. This increased stimulation creates a feeling of contentment and connection. After all, a satisfied person needs nothing and can then see/feel beyond the things the individual needs for themselves. Self-preservation is also lowered as a result. Some call this lowering of the ego. But there are more processes at play. Here we give a handle on effects.

  • More brain connections are formed for a more stable brain
  • Illusions can give way to better ideas
  • The amygdala is spared and with it stress stimuli
  • Greater understanding and empathy
  • A sense of connection
  • Wanting to make healthier choices
  • Understanding what true love means
  • Learning that being happy means something other than learned
  • Experiencing a spiritual experience
  • Many more unknown processes

Can you do a session?

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