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Trip therapy: Open truffle ceremonies in 2023

Truffle ceremonies on different dates in 2023

The following truffle ceremonies all have a price of 350 euros and all dosages are possible. Based on the intake and what you feel comfortable with we can choose a dose that suits you. All of the following truffle ceremonies take place in the Psychedelic Loft at Schiedam and include personal tips for preparation, possible overnight stay, after party. food and drinks. The start time of a ceremony is 15:00 and lasts until approximately 23:00. Also, each ceremony has a group theme in addition to your own objective that we briefly highlight during the beginning of the truffle ceremony.

Jan. 14, 2023 - (Self) love - Truffle ceremony + cocoa (Available)

Feb. 4, 2023 - Spirituality - Truffle psiloflora ceremony (Available)

March 4, 2022 - Dare to dream - Truffle + blue lotus ceremony (Available)

Over time, we will add more ceremonies to this list.

Reservations for an open truffle ceremony

It is already possible to make reservations. If the online intake has not yet been filled out, you can do so through the link below. Please indicate in the field: 'Indicate here what else may be of interest' that it is for an open truffle ceremony. Is the intake already filled out or do you have other questions? Then please contact us.

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Trip therapy: Open truffle ceremonies in 2023