Consciousness and psilocybin

We will probably never be able to explain with certainty what consciousness exactly is. Yet it is a beautiful philosophical and spiritual subject during one truffle ceremony or psychedelic session. During the psychedelic state, the rational brain, ego or consciousness goes on the back burner, so that the own interpretation of what someone is (ego) disappears and only the experience remains. The subconscious processes that control consciousness are thus more exposed.

Consciousness is a mystery

There are several theories about consciousness and how perhaps our consciousness gives us the convenient illusion of survival by thinking we are something other than the rest of the universe.

The emergence of consciousness

The following video explains how consciousness could have come about gradually due to evolution.

Various theories of consciousness

The following video shows what others think consciousness is. Scientists and believers of course think differently and one need not exclude the other.

Consciousness and the ego as illusion?

The next video is about Samadhi. Samadhi comes from Buddhism and is a deep state of meditation, which is comparable to the psychedelic state, where the ego dissolves and there is no difference between inside and outside. This may remove the illusion that everything is something individual and self-contained.

Psychedelics give a look behind the scenes

In addition to the therapeutic possibilities of psychedelics, psychedelics can give you insights into what consciousness means and what the subconscious is. The following video is a nice summary of what psychedelics and hallucinations can do.

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Spiritual, therapeutic or discovery trip?

Are you curious about who you are without your ego giving substance to it? We can help by guiding a psychedelic session with the theme: “who am I”? This theme mainly has a spiritual character, but it can be very therapeutic for negative self-images and fear of death. What would be the reason for you to do a psychedelic session and would you like to do it individually, with a self-assembled group or an open group with strangers? Use the following links for more information.

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