MDMA Therapy with Ronald

An MDMA session with Ronald can help you work on various complaints such as:

  • (Complex) PTSD Trauma
  • Low self-esteem
  • Social anxieties
  • Addictions

About Ronald

My passion and mission is to facilitate as many people as possible with trauma-related symptoms from methods that really work. From this deeply felt intention, I have now been able to guide more than 2000 people. Many of them did not even realize that their complaints were trauma related.

In the field of trauma, I am an expert by experience. From childhood traumas I had developed Complex PTSD. And from that, at a young age, I suffered multiple depressions. When I was around 20 years old someone gave me half an MDMA pill. This was such a profound and healing experience for me. I thought, "everyone should experience this!" I immediately came out of my depression. That was the beginning of a happier, more meaningful and adventurous life

At age 26, I had a crisis on a relational level, which triggered my attachment trauma. This put me through, what is also called "the dark night of the soul." I sought happiness outside of me in love with her. When I could do nothing but let go of this and surrender to the pain of feeling abandoned, a very deep religious experience occurred. Carl Jung calls it the numinous experience of the archetype of the Self. Another calls it a spiritual awakening; in Zen they call it a Satori experience.

This experience changed me so profoundly that I began to live my life with more depth and purpose and to follow my intuition. I lived with the question, "What does life, or call it God, want from me? What is there for me to do, what is my calling?" This question led me to the Trappist monastery. I felt very clearly, "I have to be here." I did not know why or for how long. But I left that open. I wanted to explore it for six months. And after three months of living internally as a novice with the monks I knew: "I must become a therapist with all my experience." Through inner guidance and ´coincidence´ I ended up at the Training for Jungian Philosophical Therapist. I started this 4-year training in 1998. This is what Jung himself calls Synchronicity (meaningful coincidence).

I tell this because after much scientific research it has been shown, that through psychedelics you can have an authentic religious or mystical experience that can totally change your life in a positive sense. This I wish for everyone and that one does not, and for this you do not have to, to speak in religious terms, wait for "the grace of God.

The philosopher and neuroscientist Michiel van Elk, who calls himself a skeptical and sober researcher, writes in his book, "A Sober View of Psychedelics," "Give someone a high dose of Psilocybin, LSD, or DMT and you can predict with a probability bordering on certainty that that person will go through an intense life-changing experience.

In the Jung training, in addition to depth psychology, I came into contact with Stanlislav Grof. He is an authority in therapy with psychedelics. And from this he developed Holotropic Breathwork. I also came into contact with Eastern psychology and philosophy. This is where my interest in Buddhist psychology and Mindfulness, among others, originated. In the following years I continued to study and be trained in Eastern and Western (psycho)therapies and methods.

A friend of mine, a regular psychotherapist, pointed me to the book "Expand Your Mind" by Michael Pollan. This sparked my interest in Psychedelic Assisted Therapy (PAT). A little later I delved into Internal Family System (IFS), one of the fastest growing and evidence-based psychotherapeutic method of our time. So I read what an MDMA session can do viewed from the IFS model. That resonated strongly and evoked memories of my own healing experience with MDMA as a 20-year-old.

Shortly thereafter, I met someone who expressed her desire to undergo a PAT session. I felt inside: "I can and want to do that". In order to be able to guide her properly in this, I first wanted to learn more about PAT and had further training. Thus it was confirmed that my background in IFS and related methods as well as the trainings I have been giving for over 12 years in Mindfulness and Self-Compassion, among others, fit perfectly and are used as psychotherapeutic modalities with PAT.

So this woman, who approached me, turned out to have severe symptoms from her childhood traumas and severe self-hatred. She had been in psychotherapy for years, which had helped her, but certainly not enough. And she wanted to process her traumas through a PAT session. In a PAT process we entered into this. And to use her words:

"Ronald, this has had an even greater positive impact than I had dreamed, I went from self-hatred to self-love in one PAT session."

Now I knew for sure, this is my new calling, this completes my life journey as an Experiential Therapist, Psychosocial Therapist and Mindfulness and Compassion based trainer. And I can facilitate people with trauma related symptoms even better, so they can live a happier and fulfilled life.

Why people choose an MDMA session with Ronald?

Thanks to the following trainings, I have learned a lot to be able to work with people suffering from trauma-related complaints, among other things. This gives me the necessary experience, vision and approach to work carefully in psychedelic assisted therapy.

Jungian Philosophical Therapist.
This training in depth psychology has taught me, among other things, to interpret the symbols from the unconscious, which may come up during a trip experience, where necessary, and to integrate them into daily life.

Psychodrama Therapist 
Psychodrama. In the program Zomergasten (Summer guests) Bessel van der Kolk, an authority in trauma processing, says that psychodrama, and Mindfulness, which I will come back to later, is one of the methods to work well on trauma processing. To further educate myself in this, I took the in-depth course TSM Therapeutic Spiral Model. This is an integration of classical psychodrama, attachment theory and recent developments in interpersonal neurobiology and trauma theory.

Master Voice Dialogue and Transformational Psychology and Internal Family System (IFS)..
These two psychotherapy courses provide clear and very helpful models to work with, prior to, during and after the PAT or Trip session. IFS appears to be one of the most helpful and psychotherapeutic modalities to work with in psychedelic assisted therapy.

Mindfulness and Compassion Trainer. 
These methods are also very helpful in enhancing the power of working with psychedelics. Both mindfulness and self-compassion skills are supportive before, during and after the trip session.

Requesting an MDMA session

Are you curious if MDMA therapy could support you in your life? Then take advantage of the information pages below or fill out the intake directly so we can verify that a session can proceed safely.

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