MDMA therapy already possible at

Psychedelic sessions with psilocybin, LSD and psiloflora were already legally possible through trip therapy. Through trip therapy, you can now also do MDMA sessions under supervision where the knowledge gained from the other psychedelic sessions are used to get the most out of your session.

See here a overview of the psychedelic sessions

Possessing MDMA yourself or MDMA analogue

Because MDMA is still an illegal substance you need to have it in possession yourself, and so at an MDMA session you will not be given MDMA. This is because of legislation where possession for personal use is not punished. Are you curious about how MDMA sessions at trip therapy work and where you can get MDMA tested? Then click on the following link for more information.

MDMA session via trip therapy

Since 2023, however, we can help you if you don't want to possess MDMA yourself. We are working with a related substance to MDMA that is legal and works even better as of January 2023. Curious? Read on via the link below.

MDMA session with legal analogue

Review MDMA Therapy

I look back with great pleasure and satisfaction. I still enjoy the silence, peace and relaxation on a regular basis. With the reassurance that I have you around and I am in good hands with you. You were present for me in just the right way.

I noticed yesterday to and at work that I was more open, more with myself (I am OK), gentle, loving. Very pleasant! Yesterday and still I haven't noticed a dip, actually a constant euphoric feeling from the session/working MDMA. A kind of MDMA echo that keeps coming back. I allow myself to be freer (less control), am loving towards myself (mild), accept myself more and I seem to have more mental resilience. I don't need anyone to become "whole," I already am.

Source: Review MDMA therapie

Requesting a session

For all psychedelic sessions, an intake is completed in advance. This intake can be found through the following link.

Intake trip therapy

After checking that you can do a session (medication and conditions), a recommendation is sent by mail. In the mail is stated which drug and dosage could be used during a psychedelic session. The email will also explain how to make a reservation. Reservations are made through the link below.

Booking MDMA session