Hiring a trip sitter for your psychedelic trip

In trip therapy, we work with trip counselors who you can also hire as tripsitter. Because of our experience, you can also take advantage of our extra care. We also treat people with depression, addiction, anxiety and low self-esteem. Our experience is therefore useful to have as backup during your psychedelic trip. So we do more than just act as trip sitters. We also help you with the preparation and we are available for an integration talk after the trip.

Do you want a man or woman as a tripsitter?

For your psychedelic session you can choose from a variety of facilitators. If you have a preference for a male or female trip sitter you can choose with us. It is then advisable to choose one first. Want to learn more about our team of trip sitters? Use the links below to read about our trip companions Marcel, Loes or Linda. Marcel lives near Haarlem, Linda lives in Amsterdam and Loes in Utrecht.

Tripsitters: Marcel | Loes | Linda

When are we available?

The availability of our trip sitters can be found below at the following link.

Availability trip sitters trip therapy

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Trip therapy: hiring a trip sitter